Parsing the Differences of Our ShowerGlyde Transfer Benches

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SolutionBased ShowerGlyde transfer bench systems are designed to empower our customers and their caretakers, restoring autonomy in the bathroom while helping to mitigate the risks of slips and falls, which constitute the majority of falls in the home, and which are more than twice as likely to result in injury than falls elsewhere in the home.

With that said, we also recognize that no single solution is perfect for any individual’s needs, nor for any given bathroom layout. That’s why we’ve designed and developed three separate ShowerGlyde sliding transfer benches. This post will cover the basic differences between them.

The ShowerGlyde SG1

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The ShowerGlyde SG1 is specifically designed to fit into bathroom layouts in which there are no obstructions adjacent to the tub.

It only weighs 23.2 lbs and is very lightweight, making it easy to mount over the tub, and has two locking points, one on the inside and another on the outside of the tub. It can be used as either a left or right-handed unit and has a grab bar that can be used as a sliding aid, by which users can either push or pull themselves along the transfer bench.

It is also height adjustable to accommodate tubs as high as 19.5”, and is also configurable with extension legs that raise this figure to 25”.

The ShowerGlyde SG1 comes with a seatbelt (standard) but is also compatible with 3 different optional seats: a solid seat insert, a seat with a reducer ring, and a commode seat.

The ShowerGlyde SG2

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The ShowerGlyde SG2 looks very similar to the SG1, but this bench features a design for bathroom layouts in which there is a toilet adjacent to the tub.

Just like the SG1, however, it is designed for easy installation over the tub and locks in two points (inside and outside of the tub). However, it has a longer set of rails making it more practical for installation where there is an adjacent toilet.

It is also lightweight - only 26.5 lbs - making installation simple, and can also be installed as a right or left-handed unit. Like the SG1, it is configurable with a grab bar that can serve as a pushing or pulling aid, and can clear tubs 19.5” high (25” with the optional extensions).

Also like the SG1, it comes with a seatbelt standard, and is configurable with one of three additional, optional seats - a solid seat, a seat with a reducer ring, or a commode seat - so it can double as a commode over the toilet.

The ShowerGlyde SG3

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We’ve also developed the ShowerGylde SG3 transfer bench which is specifically designed for installation in bathrooms in which there is limited space, or, like the SG2, where there is an obstacle (like a toilet or vanity) next to the tub.

This transfer bench not only has shorter rails but the seat also has a swivel option which does not sacrifice comfort or mobility, even in tighter space.

Despite its smaller dimensions, the SG3 shares multiple features in common with the SG1 and SG2, including it’s “over the tub” design, two locking points (inside and outside the tub) and inclusion of a grab bar in the design (on the wall side of the rails) that can be used as a sliding aid.

Height adjustability is also the same (19.5” standard, with the option for extenders that afford adjustability up to 25”) as well as a standard seat belt and compatibility with a solid seat, reducer ring, and commode seat.

What These Heavy-Duty Transfer Benches Have in Common

All three of these transfer benches are designed to be lightweight and easy to assemble. Moreover, they are made of durable, low-maintenance materials and are intended to be easy to clean. These bathtub transfer benches also feature corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, adding to their value as they are designed to be installed in bathrooms, which are constantly humid.

They are also all compatible with select seat accessories, including a more comfortable, padded seat, as well as a swivel seat option (not necessary in the case of the SG3 which is pre-configured with a swivel seat).

Contact Us, We Are Here to Help

While these 3 transfer benches are slightly different from each other, all of them represent a practical, cost-effective solution to a bathroom remodel, and can improve bathroom safety and accessibility, especially for elders and others who have experienced life-changing events that limit their mobility.

SolutionBased also offers free shipping, 30 day returns, and limited warranties on our products. For more information, or if you have questions about specifications, configuration, or installation, contact us before buying and we will help make sure you choose the right model for your unique needs (make sure you check out our line of Refine shower chairs while you’re here, as well).