3 Great Accessible Shower Alternatives With Shower Buddy

3 Great Accessible Shower Alternatives With Shower Buddy

Jul 13, 2023 Israel Gamburd

Explore innovative alternatives to bathroom remodeling for individuals with disabilities. Discover Shower Buddy, Showerglyde, TubBuddy SB2/SB2T, and portable options that offer accessible and cost-effective solutions for enhanced bathing experiences. Embrace independence and safety without the need for extensive renovations

ShowerGlyde Seat Replacement Instructions

At SolutionBased, we value sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. During shipping, we discovered some seats in our new ShowerGlyde system might have been scratched. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. To resolve this issue, we are providing free seat replacements. Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to prioritize eco-friendly practices. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team. info@sb.care

Achieving the Perfect Fit with ShowerGlyde SG2

Achieving the Perfect Fit with ShowerGlyde SG2

Jun 25, 2023 Israel Gamburd

Discover the ShowerGlyde SG2, the ultimate solution for achieving a tailored fit in your bathroom. With its fully modular design, you can independently adjust the base legs, grab bar, and seat to ensure a perfect alignment with your toilet. No more compromises or discomfort—watch our video guide and experience the convenience of a customizable sliding shower bench. Your bathroom, your fit, your ShowerGlyde SG2.

Overcoming Home Accessibility Challenges After a Disability

Overcoming Home Accessibility Challenges After a Disability

Jun 18, 2023 Israel Gamburd

When unexpected disabilities arise, returning home can bring a new set of challenges. Most homes weren't designed for disabilities, but there are solutions available. Installing ramps, swing-away hinges for narrow doorways, and stairlifts can provide safe and convenient access. Transforming bathrooms with grab bars, ShowerGlyde, or Showerbuddy promotes accessibility. Consulting with professionals ensures suitable modifications, creating a more inclusive and functional home environment that enhances independence and well-being

Designer Shower Stools for Modern Senior Living

Designer Shower Stools for Modern Senior Living

Jun 11, 2023 Israel Gamburd

Discover the Refine line of designer shower stools by SolutionBased. Upgrade your bathroom with these sleek and modern stools that offer both style and functionality. With a focus on aesthetics and practicality, the Refine line provides support, stability, and easy maintenance. Perfect for modern senior living or anyone looking to enhance their bathing experience. Explore the various models and colors available and transform your bathroom into a sophisticated space.

Sara 98 year old ShowerGlyde user

Sara's Journey with ShowerGlyde SG2

Jun 04, 2023 Israel Gamburd

In a world filled with challenges, Sara's unwavering spirit and determination shone through as she faced the hurdles of COVID-19 and a broken leg. However, it was the discovery of ShowerGlyde SG2 that truly transformed her life. No longer confined to sponge bathing, Sara experienced a renewed sense of independence and safety.   Here is a heartwarming story of Sara, her granddaughter's relentless search for a solution, and the profound impact ShowerGlyde SG2 had on Sara's daily life.

International Seating Symposium 2023

We recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the International Seating Symposium in Pittsburgh. After a long break due to the pandemic, it was heartwarming to finally be back at trade shows, meeting our valued dealers and referral sources in person. We want to share some testimonials that touched our hearts and reaffirmed our commitment to making a difference.

SulutionBased Catalog


May 17, 2023 Israel Gamburd

Discover our two new captivating catalogs from SolutionBased, featuring our extensive product range and the innovative ShowerGlyde line. Whether you prefer the convenience of digital or the tangible experience of print, our catalogs are designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our solutions.  With videos embedded in the digital format, you can view product explanations videos on every page. 

🌟 Sharing a Heartwarming Story 🌟

Brandee Evans has been using the Showerbuddy SB2t for over two years with her mom Diana Harrington, who battles Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's. The Showerbuddy has become their favorite chair, providing comfort and convenience like no other. Diana finds it amazing and feels a sense of normalcy while using it. She particularly loves the tilt feature, which adds to her overall comfort. In her own words, "I don't know what I would do without this chair." 💙

🙏 Grateful for Andrew Skinner of Triumph Foundation: Our Trusted Advocate!  🌟

Thank you, Andrew Skinner, and thank you, Triumph Foundation, for your unwavering support. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of your community. We look forward to continuing our partnership and empowering more individuals with our innovative products. 


Living and Bathing with ALS 

We had an incredible call with Lori, who discovered the Showerbuddy chair. Initially, She was skeptical if the Showerbuddy SB2T would suit her husband, Walter, who bravely battled ALS. Lori's son created a wonderful video showcasing how they effortlessly get Walter in the shower using our system. Witnessing such rewarding moments fills our heart with joy.

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