New Accessories for ShowerGlyde Users

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by Israel Gamburd |

At SolutionBased, we thrive on user feedback—it's the heartbeat of our product evolution. Following the successful release of the ShowerGlyde, we've been delighted to receive incredibly positive feedback from our valued users. Your insights matter, and we've listened attentively. We are happy to announce three new accessories for ShowerGlyde to enhance your ShowerGlyde experience. A height adjustable, flip back Armrest, soft PU slip-on cushion, and a clip-on shower holder.  Let's dive into the details!

1. Height Adjustable and Flip Back Armrest

Height Adjustable and Flip Back Armrests as an add-on accessory. Compatible with all ShowerGlyde models—SG1, SG2, and SG3—these armrests bring a new level of comfort to your bathing routine.

Armrest Accessories for ShowerGlyde

2. Soft PU Cushion Overlay

We understand that comfort is paramount, and our Soft PU Cushion Overlay is designed to deliver just that. Slip this overlay over your existing ShowerGlyde seat. The video attached provides a glimpse of how easy it is to transform your bathing seat into a haven of comfort.

3. Clip-On Handheld Shower Holder

Bathing should be a liberating experience, and our Clip-On Handheld Shower Holder ensures just that. Compatible with all ShowerGlyde models, this accessory allows you to clip your handheld shower securely to the grab bar.

ShowerGlyde clip on hand held shower Helder

Upgrade Your ShowerGlyde Experience Today!

These exciting accessories are not just add-ons; they're a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to our user's needs. Whether you're seeking personalized support, added comfort, or enhanced accessibility, ShowerGlyde has you covered.