Makhtob Khodzhaeva

Best Shower Bench!
We ordered the ShowerGlyde 2 for my elderly mother to insure her safety while bathing. Israel Gamburd was so helpful in guiding us to the correct product for our sunken shower that would serve this purpose. We did not have to alter the structure of the bathroom to achieve this goal. He answered our calls personally and even FaceTimed with us to insure the bench would work in the space. Mom loved how beautiful the chair looked, as well as how easily it functioned. Israel’s compassion and professionalism truly affects the quality of his client’s lives. It certainly has significantly improved our mother’s life. We will let others know what a wonderful company this is and the many quality products that are available to help individuals regain some independence in their own home.
Thank you so much!
The Schneider/ Stemle Families

Living and Bathing with ALS

We had an incredible call with Lori, who discovered the Showerbuddy chair. Initially, She was skeptical if the Showerbuddy SB2T would suit her husband, Walter, who bravely battled ALS. Lori's son created a wonderful video showcasing how they effortlessly get Walter in the shower using our system. Witnessing such rewarding moments fills our heart with joy.

Sean and Paige from the USA are self-professed “huge fans of the showerbuddy”, using the system for over 9 years for their 15 year old daughter with cerebral palsy who doesn’t have head and trunk control making showering difficult.

When we first saw this for the first time, we thought it could give her the best experience that she could have – it really is. It’s helped her have a safe experience in the shower, there’s a lot of support for her and we really love it.

Paige shares that Showerbuddy is a “great solution for their daughter” and a “life saver”.

Makhtob Khodzhaeva

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth every dollar spent.
I don't usually write reviews, but I couldn't resist sharing my experience with the ShowerGlyde. 

When considering bathroom remodeling options for my mom, we were torn between three contractors. Thankfully, we discovered the ShowerGlyde, which turned out to be a game-changer. This innovative product made it possible for us to enhance accessibility without the exorbitant cost of a complete remodel. It works seamlessly with our existing tub and provides incredible functionality for my mom. Highly recommended!

Gae Miller

5.0 out of 5 stars A safe, affordable solution for showering a disabled person.
The purchase of a ShowerGlyde Model SG1 chair has changed my life for the better! 

As a 78-year-old, above-knee amputee, showering has long been a challenge for me, but the purchase of a ShowerGlyde chair has made it a safe, refreshing part of my day. I feel so safe on the seat on the sturdy frame and gliding the seat into the shower and back out with the easy-to-use glide system. Not having to make any major structural changes to our bathroom to make this usable was so nice. It was a delight to work with Israel and his staff as they worked with us on FaceTime to recreate our bathroom in their showroom to enable us to see that it really would work at our house. We had a totally awesome experience with SolutionBased and would highly recommend the product, company and staff.

Linda Gallagher

Game Changer.
We have a tiny bathroom. Husband is disabled with dementia. 

Even with many handholds, was fearful of stepping into the shower, the 3" rise caused him to get disoriented and dizzy. So, I saw this solution for a tiny bathroom!!! Husband took to it like a duck to water. The seat is comfortable and sufficiently large and very stable. He can sit on it, I can swivel it, coaching him to pick up feet a bit, then slide it into the shower. I pre-warm the water, then turn it off so I can have control of the hand-held shower head when I am set to turn it on. When finished, water off, slide it , swivel it. Done! happy husband, happy wife! No battles over the shower. Slides easily and locks into place. Swivels easily. Love it. Water on floor? Takes a little practice with husband, for me - not an issue. I did split my vinyl shower curtain to fit around the transfer rails. Use an absorbent bath mat under the feet to catch any drips when we are getting dried off. Instructional video was great and the directions, complete with detailed pictures, very easy to follow.

🌟 Sharing a Heartwarming Story 🌟

Brandee Evans has been using the Showerbuddy SB2t for over two years with her mom Diana Harrington, who battles Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's. The Showerbuddy has become their favorite chair, providing comfort and convenience like no other. Diana finds it amazing and feels a sense of normalcy while using it. She particularly loves the tilt feature, which adds to her overall comfort. In her own words, "I don't know what I would do without this chair." 💙

Deborah Donaldson

Wonderful customer service.
I ordered this chair for my dad who has fallen recently. 

Received it quickly and am happy it is such a solid product. Noticed an issue with one of the wheels called and the issue was taken care of with no hassel and quicker than I thought possible. If we have future need for more products from this company I will be coming back.The way the wheeled pivot and spin makes it so easy to handle the chair in our very small bathroom.

Pete A.

This chair glides & pivots with ease. The company "SolutionBased" firmly stands behind their product.
My wife and I purchased the Shower Buddy Chair back in February 2023 for my brother-in-law to be used in his assisted living facility. 

His Care-Takers love using this chair because it's easy for them to care for my brother-in-law. It glides, maneuvers and pivots with ease. We hear nothing but positive comments from the Caretakers. However, about a week and a half ago, one of the Caretakers advised of difficulty maneuvering the chair due to a defective wheel. My wife and I contacted the company, "Solution Based" and informed them of this issue. Their Customer Service department was both sincere and understanding of our problem. Israel (Customer Service Rep) immediately shipped us a new wheel of which my wife and I received it in four (4) days' time. Excellent!!!In these days, it is difficult enough to find a good product, but when the product is backed by a solid company with prompt, genuine customer service...then Buddy, you found a winner. Solution Based firmly stands behind their product. By-the-way, we do not work for this company nor were we paid for this review. This is a truthful review based on our experience with the product and company.


Life Saver.
This is a great piece of equipment. Definitely worth the money and the best part is we don't need to remodel our shower

After months of sponge baths, this is going to change Mary's life.


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