Sara's Journey with ShowerGlyde SG2

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by Israel Gamburd |

Empowering Independence and Safety


In challenging times, it takes resilience and determination to overcome obstacles. This story revolves around Sara, a remarkable 98-year-old woman who exhibited unwavering strength and courage while battling COVID-19 and recovering from a broken leg. Her inspiring journey led her to discover a life-changing solution that restored her independence and confidence. This blog post shares Sara's triumphant experience with ShowerGlyde SG2, a revolutionary product that enables safe and independent bathing for individuals with mobility challenges.

A Difficult Journey

At 98 years young, Sara found herself in the hospital, fighting against COVID-19. It was a grueling battle for someone of her age, but she faced it head-on with determination and tenacity. Unfortunately, amidst her fight against the virus, Sara faced another hurdle—she broke her leg. This added to her physical challenges, making her recovery even more daunting.

Returning Home and the Need for a Solution

Sara's unwavering spirit led her to return home, but she soon discovered that bathing had become a risky and unsafe endeavor. Fearful of slipping or falling, she reluctantly resorted to sponge bathing, an inadequate substitute for the refreshing and rejuvenating experience she once enjoyed.

Research and Discovery

Sara's grandaughter, witnessing her struggle, refused to accept this compromised bathing routine as the new norm. She embarked on a quest to find a solution that would enable her beloved grandmother to regain her independence and bathe with confidence. During her research, she stumbled upon ShowerGlyde, an innovative product designed to revolutionize the bathing experience for individuals facing mobility challenges.

A Personalized and Touching Gesture

Recognizing the potentially life-changing benefits for Sara, her granddaughter wasted no time in contacting SolutionBased, the company behind ShowerGlyde. As fate would have it, they discovered Sara resided in Hollywood, a short drive from the SolutionBased office. The SolutionBased team volunteered to deliver and set up the ShowerGlyde SG2 personally. Equipped with her new ShowerGlyde SG2, Sara experienced a transformation in her daily bathing routine. No longer confined to sponge bathing, she could now sit on the ShowerGlyde SG2 and effortlessly slide into the tub with complete peace of mind. The fear of slipping or falling was replaced by a newfound sense of security and independence. We invite you to watch the video showcasing Sara's journey using the ShowerGlyde SG2 and how we were able to fit it into her small bathroom. The ShowerGlyde SG2 has empowered Sara to safely and independently bathe and revitalize her sense of dignity and freedom.