3 Great Accessible Shower Alternatives for Your Home

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by Israel Gamburd |

Alternatives to Remodeling for Individuals with Disabilities


When faced with a sudden disability or unexpected accident, everyday tasks like bathing can become challenging. Many people turn to Google and search for bathroom remodeling contractors, assuming that a complete remodel is the only option. However, this may not be feasible for those who rent their homes, lack financial resources, or simply wish to avoid the hassle of dealing with contractors and inspections. Fortunately, there are shower alternatives available on the market that can provide accessibility without the need for extensive remodeling. This blog post will explore some of these alternatives, focusing on products that can enhance shower accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Showerglyde: Enhancing Transfer Abilities

For individuals who have the ability to transfer from a wheelchair to a chair or bed or who use mobility devices like walkers, canes, or other aids, the Showerglyde line provides an excellent solution. Specifically designed to facilitate sliding into the tub or shower, Showerglyde eliminates the need for stepping over high edges. By incorporating a sliding transfer bench, such as the Showerglyde, with a few grab bars, individuals can enhance their bathing experience without requiring a full bathroom remodel.


SB2 and SB2T: The Top Shower Transfer Systems at a Fraction of the Cost of Remodeling

For individuals who are unable to transfer or bear weight on their legs and require assistance from a caregiver, removing an existing tub or shower might appear to be the only option for achieving accessibility. However, the TubBuddy SB2 and SB2T offer a shower alternative solution. These versatile shower chairs function similarly to regular wheelchairs and can also serve as bedside commodes. Equipped with a unique sliding system, these chairs can seamlessly connect to a tub base and slide over it, enabling individuals to access the tub or shower area within an hour. Importantly, these tub transfer systems can be easily removed if there are other household members who use the tub or shower, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all users.


Portable Shower Solutions for Two-Story Homes

In situations where individuals reside in a two-story home without a bathroom or shower on the first floor, finding accessible bathing options can be a challenge. However, there is a remarkable product called the Fawssit that provides an innovative shower solution. The Fawssit is the only fully assembled portable shower available, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility. Setting up the Fawssit is incredibly straightforward and requires no tools. All you need to do is unfold the portable shower unit, hook it up to a sink faucet using the quick-connect attachment, plug it in, and you're ready to enjoy a refreshing shower right there in your home, regardless of the floor layout.

Cost-Effective and Convenient Shower Alternatives

Remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive and time-consuming process, which may not be feasible for everyone. The shower alternatives mentioned above offer cost-effective alternatives that can provide immediate accessibility. By avoiding the complexities and expenses associated with remodeling, individuals can maintain their independence and privacy while ensuring their safety in the bathroom.


When confronted with a disability or limited mobility, it becomes crucial to explore all available options for improving bathroom accessibility. Remodeling may not always be the optimal choice, particularly for individuals who rent their homes or face financial constraints. However, by considering shower alternatives such as the Showerglyde line and the TubBuddy SB2/SB2T, individuals can establish an accessible bathing environment without the need for extensive renovations. These products prioritize safety, convenience, and affordability, providing viable options for maintaining independence and dignity despite physical challenges. It is important to remember that achieving an accessible shower is possible without undergoing a complete remodel.