Hotel Handicap-Accessible Rooms Dilemma: Shedding Light on Travel Accommodations in Need of Improvement

by Israel Gamburd |

Traveling with a disability presents a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to finding accommodations that meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, many hotels fall short in providing the necessary accommodations and equipment, particularly when it comes to bathing facilities. Hotel Handicap-Accessible Rooms are not really accessible and

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over a billion people, or about 15% of the world's population, live with some form of disability. This includes physical disabilities, sensory impairments, cognitive disabilities, and more. Despite this significant portion of the population, accessibility in travel accommodations remains a widespread issue.

At the recent Abilities Expo, we had the opportunity to meet Bob Vogel, a T10 complete paraplegic, who shared his experience with the lack of proper bathing equipment at his hotel. Despite his hotel's attempts to provide assistance, the equipment provided fell short of meeting Bob's needs and left him feeling unsafe.

Bob's experience is all too common for individuals with disabilities traveling away from home. Many hotels lack the proper accommodations, such as roll-in showers or accessible shower benches, making it challenging for guests with disabilities to bathe comfortably and safely.

According to a survey conducted by the Open Doors Organization, 26 million adults with disabilities travel for pleasure and/or business each year in the United States alone. Yet, only 36% of travelers with disabilities report that hotels consistently meet their accessibility needs.

Even when reserving a hotel handicap-accessible rooms, guests may find that these rooms sell out quickly during events like the Abilities Expo. Additionally, an accessible room doesn't necessarily guarantee a roll-in shower. In most cases, it might feature a tub with a bench and some grab bars, which can pose challenges for individuals with mobility issues and increase the risk of falls.

Enter ShowerGlyde SG3 – a revolutionary shower bench designed specifically for individuals with limited mobility. With its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, ShowerGlyde SG3 provides the comfort and accessibility that guests with disabilities deserve.

Recognizing Bob's need for a safer bathing solution, we were able to offer him the use of a ShowerGlyde SG3 during his stay at the Abilities Expo. Delivering the shower bench directly to his room, we were able to provide Bob with the comfort and peace of mind he needed to enjoy his stay.

The experience with Bob highlights the importance of accessible accommodations in the hospitality industry. Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that all guests, regardless of ability, have access to safe and comfortable bathing facilities. By investing in products like ShowerGlyde SG3, hotels can enhance the guest experience and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

As advocates for accessibility, we urge hotels to consider the needs of guests with disabilities and prioritize the implementation of proper accommodations and equipment. Together, we can bridge the gap and make travel more accessible for all.