The ShowerBuddy SB1 Shower Transfer Chair: Bathing for the elderly and those with mobility/accessibility challenges Safety Protocols and Maintenance

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by Israel Gamburd |

One of the most versatile and practical products in the SolutionBased catalog is the ShowerBuddy SB1 sliding shower transfer chair for the elderly and/or mobility/accessibility challenged.  SB1 can be wheeled around the house for streamlined transfers and may also be used as a bedside commode (each system comes with a commode bucket).

SB1 has complete tool-free assembly and most users find they can assemble it in under an hour.

High-quality construction and low maintenance make SB1 a highly practical choice for one’s bathing needs. Proper periodic maintenance will ensure a long lifespan for your SB1 transfer system. Owners of the SB1 should observe the following best practices for basic maintenance.

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance

SolutionBased’s ShowerBuddy SB1 is made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials designed for durability, longevity, comfort, ease of use and low maintenance. However, basic maintenance and hygienic protocols will keep your SB1 in proper working order for longer.

Regularly clean the seat with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser; more information on appropriate cleansers can be found in the SB1 User Manual.

If you clean the seat with bleach (sodium hypochlorite), the solution should contain no more than .1% as at this concentration no adverse effects should occur. However, if using a stronger concentration (1%), be sure to carefully rinse off the chair and all surfaces thoroughly to prevent damage. Over time bleaching may occur but with conscientious rinsing the functionality of the SB1 should remain unaffected.

When used in the shower, promptly dry the SB1 off after every use. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, not corrosion-proof. Keeping it dry will help prevent issues pertinent to rust as well as the degradation of the seat.

As for the stainless steel: you need to be thorough about keeping it clean in order to keep it in good working order, especially if it is subjected to certain environments, such as those in which concentrated chlorine is present. Routinely cleaning the stainless steel portions of your SB1 with a cotton cloth and a solution of soap and water will work. In general, any cleaner that is safe for glass will also be safe for stainless steel.

On a similar note, and contrary to what you might think, you do not need to, nor should you grease or oil any parts. The ShowerBuddy SB1 is designed to operate in the absence of these lubricants. Simply keep it clean and dry. It is, however, a good practice to coat the steel portions of the SB1 with a wax protectant to serve as a barrier between the steel and corrosive compounds.

If, for any reason, you do notice the presence of rust or discoloration spots on the steel of your SB1, you should immediately use a brass, silver, or chrome cleaner to remove them. If rust, stains, or pitting appear on stainless steel and are not immediately remedied, irreversible pitting may occur.

If you cannot remove these spots with a brass, silver or chrome cleaner, try a mild cleaner like Ajax and clean in the direction of the finish’s grain. Do not, however, use any abrasive cleaners or sandpaper or steel wool as you will damage the finish which may actually create a greater risk of corrosion.

You should also be conscientious about removing scale deposits if you encounter them. Hard water will leave scale, or mineral deposits, on any fixtures on which it dries. This includes your ShowerBuddy SB1.

The casters are particularly vulnerable, as scale deposits can accumulate inside of them and restrict their operation. Rinsing and drying them is the best way to deal with scale issues. Also, be sure to clean away any soap scum deposits and hair from the casters and these can also clog them over time.

(Not related to our elderly shower chairs, but if you have hard water you might also want to consider installing a water softening system in your home as over time scale will compromise your plumbing and fixtures, including your showerhead, reducing their efficiency and operability. Speak with a plumber for more information on what you can do in this scenario.)

The best solution to prevent scale accumulation is, however, simply to rinse the chair after and thoroughly dry it after every use. Scale precipitates when hard water is allowed to dry on a surface, so by rinsing and then drying, you will prevent this from happening.

Additionally, do not store the ShowerBuddy SB1 in any area in which it will be exposed to harsh chemicals like chlorine. Do not clean with mineral acids or bleaches with concentration of over 1%.

In addition to observing these basic cleaning protocols, regularly inspect the ShowerBuddy for wear and tear as well as for defective components. When encountered, these should be replaced immediately.

In addition to observing these basic best practices to keep your ShowerBuddy SB1 in good working order, it’s also recommended that you have your SB1 serviced annually either by your SolutionBased local dealer or by an authorized service agent.

Safety First

In addition to these basic maintenance proceedings, always follow all safety instructions as outlined in your owner/user manual, including the following:

  • Never exceed maximum weight ratings.
  • Always lock the caster wheels when the chair is stationary.
  • Never stand or step on the footrest.
  • Never lean forward or out of the ShowerBuddy SB1 as this may lead to tipping over.
  • Do not wheel ShowerBuddy SB1 up or down an incline without an able caregiver to control ascent or descent.
  • Never attempt to use the caster wheel locks as brakes.
  • Never position the chair sideways on an incline or it may tip.

For More Information on the SB1 Shower Transfer Chair

As you can see from this short guide, basic cleaning, care and maintenance of the ShowerBuddy SB1 is straightforward and can easily be accomplished around the home.

For more information on this or our other elderly shower chairs, please consult the category pages for our ShowerBuddy and ShowerGlyde systems where you will be able to find more detailed, product-specific information. You can also reach out to our customer service team and we would be more than happy to help.