Showerbuddy SB2T | Nelson's Heartfelt Delivery Before Christmas

1 min read
by Israel Gamburd |

In the bustling routine of California Medical Pharmacy and DME, one delivery driver stands out – Nelson. Tasked with picking up a Showerbuddy SB2T order from our Pacoima warehouse, Nelson's commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the ordinary.

During a recent delivery of a Showerbuddy SB2T, Nelson encountered a challenge – the Showerbuddy SB2T bridge was too short. Ever resourceful, Nelson initiated a Facetime call, connecting directly with the SolutionBased (SB) team. With swift precision, SB calculated the correct bridge size needed to fit the bathtub perfectly.

While Nelson took a well-deserved lunch break, the SB team sprang into action. Crafting a brand new, longer bridge, and we ensured it reached the customer's home promptly. The goal? To grant the gift of a pre-Christmas shower, a small yet meaningful gesture that showcases SB's commitment to going above and beyond.

California Medical Pharmacy expert billing team is proficient in billing Medicare, medical, and many more insurance plans. The bridge was delivered to the home by the time Nelson got back from lunch. While not always achievable within an hour, this seamless collaboration highlights the power of teamwork and modern technology, showcasing SB's mission to provide solutions that truly make a difference in the lives of our customers. As we express our gratitude to Nelson for his outstanding support, this heartwarming tale serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise that sets California Medical Pharmacy and DME apart.